Encuentro Levante

Encuentro Levante presents the second international edition of Tango in the milonguero style. In autumn, Bari, from 15 to 17 October 2021, will open up to an unforgettable experience, in the frame of the sea, of the sky, being also a lively city full of history. We will be guests of the prestigious 4-star Hotel Riva del Sole, a multifunctional structure immersed in a green Mediterranean garden, which gives just value to the elegance of the tango and the comfort of the structure, equipped with a ballroom, restaurant, bar and garden and swimming pool where you can relax .. Not far from the room where we will meet the embraces of tango, we will find a natural cove of rock and gravel and the unmistakable scent of the sea. The emotions of traditional tango will find the right expression in DJs from Turin, Milan, Florence and Naples; in the warm embrace of Tango and in good music we will express and receive unforgettable emotions and smiles. Bari awaits us in all its beauty.


Encuentro Levante - Bari, 15-17 October 2021