Ivan Cordisco

​For about seven years he has participated in milongueri encuentri in Italy and abroad and for about 5 years he has organized them on Italian territory. With his friend Philippe Gonella he created the "Airportango" method, now well-known circuit of milongueri encuentri mainly organized near the airports of northern Italy for now, getting to the console was quite natural! Music predominantly north / central Italy, with Traditional Selection of the "Golden Age" of the '30s and' 40s with incursions in the 20s and 50s. The careful choice of the songs, the energetic atmosphere accompanies the dancers on the track and the careful observation welcomes the impressions and returns them to the dancers in a magical wave.

Yatma Diallo

Yatma, born in Senegal, has lived in Italy for twenty years ago. He made his first dance experiences in Dakar dancing salsa and hip hop, disciplines that he also cultivated in Europe, for many years. Yatma first approaches tango in Europe studying with Monica Maria,, Susana Miller, Jorge Firpo. Oscar Casas, Then he goes to Buenos Aires to deepen his experience. In a short time he obtained interesting professional results in the field of milonguero tango, to which he devoted himself with passion. In relation to the didactic aspect, taking advantage of his experience in other popular dances, he focuses his intention above all on the transmission of the rhythmic aspects of dance and its possibilities of interpretation. Monica Maria and Yatma Diallo have been collaborating since 2012 carrying out an intense teaching and shows activity, mainly concentrated in Italy. They teach in stable courses in Milan and follow seminars in different cities (Parma, Crema, Genoa, Como, Pisa). Together with Horca Myseria, they are the creators of the "Vela y Tango" project which, in addition to the permanent school of tango school in Milan, organizes events and holidays for sailing and the study of tango in ports and study trips to Buenos Aires. In 2013 they both obtained a degree in dance teaching at the Italian National Sports and Educational Center. In 2014 they found the Mundo Milonguero Association. In 2015 and 2016 they teach and perform at the Chicago Mini Tango Festival and other cities in the United States. In the same years they teach and dance in Dakar and Holland.

Stefania Tormenta Panucci

Stefania Tormenta Panucci Dj was born in 2009 on a Christmas night at a milonga among friends at the nostalgic Triopio. He soon became passionate about exclusively traditional tango and began studying the epochs of tango, the related orchestras and characters who represented it. Empathy with the track is essential. Curtains are often themed and carefully chosen. He has participated in international festivals and milongas. Each milonga is a new emotion. His motto "never stop exploring tango, there is always something else to learn

Marco Evola

He has been a DJ since 1998 in Italy and in Europe, organizer of many Milongueri Meetings, including Roma Milonguera. The way to put music is inspired by the simplicity of beauty, because in the tango evening the protagonist is not the DJ, but the Milongueri and the music ...

Paola De Venezia

Paola is a tango dancer who lived and worked in Argentina. Lover of music, in particular of tango, she soon became an appreciated musician very often present in the milongas organized by the various Apulian and European associations. Attentive and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancers with whom she loves to interact and who are an essential inspiration and stimulus during the milonga, she is characterized by the charge and the energy she manages to create in her evenings. Tdj in various milongueri gatherings and not only "A Promotora" Lisbon (Portugal), Milyonguero 2 "from Lyon (France)," Juntos "from Sainte Colombe (France)," All in one hug "Cagliari (Italy)," Dans tes bras "Paris (France)," Ecuentro Milonguero Kehl "Kehl (Germany)," La Parada "Padua (Italy)," El Tangone "Lyon (France)," Mirame "Grau du Roy (France)," Retiro Milonguero "Faro (Portugal), "Abrazos de Corazones" Moosburg (Austria), "Encuentro de Brujas" Bruges (Belgium), "Spoleto Milonguera" Spoleto (Italy), "Stockholm in close embrace" Stocccolma (Sweden), "Te quiero Lisboa 3" Lisbon (Portugal), "La Sabauda" Turin (Italy), "Encuentro Porteño" Amsterdam (Holland), "Dias de Juventud" Ljubljana (Slovenia), "Encuentro Boca Antwerp" Antwerp (Belgium), "El Rey del Compass" Arles (France), "Riga Embrace" Riga (Latvia), "Bomboncito" Basel (Switzerland), "Gli Amboscati" (Italy), Paquita (France), "Tango Angels" (Italy), "Soñando Amsterdam Marathon" (Holland) , "Tango8 Marathon" (Ger mania, “La Experiencia Milonguera” Villa Giacomelli (Italy) and many others…. One of the organizers of the Milonguero TanGOaGOGO Meeting (Verbania- Italy), Milonguera Adventure Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy)..

Fortuna del Prete

Neapolitan, 1985, approaches tango through music and dance. From the beginning, the cultural and linguistic study accompanied the research work on tango and tango. Active in the Italian tanguero circuit, it was introduced to the world of musicization by Fernando Alfredo Cabrera in 2007, in parallel the research extended to music in particular and to singing. 'I am excited and impressed by the Milonga team, the suspension and the magic that is created. I try to recreate in people that nostalgic wonder that I felt the first time I set foot in a milonga. The difference and inclusion, the possibility of bodily dialogue between strangers and the magnificent improvisation that comes out of it "

Encuentro Levante - Bari, 15-17 October 2021